The green butter olive

Also called Castelvetrano, this firm and fruity green olive is highly favored for its vibrant bright green color, its firm, almost crunchy texture and its sweet, delicate buttery flavor. Eating just one is impossible.

fresh olive

We source only the best from several countries including France, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, Greece & Morocco. Our 6 varieties of stuffed martini olives are wildly popular and we offer pitted and non-pitted olives, classic and exotic varieties and a Muffulata mix that will just about change your life.

brine pickles

We lacto-ferment our salt-water pickles, creating a super-food full of healthy probiotics! We use local, organic vegetables whenever possible, sea salt, fresh squeezed lemon juice and our generational-family-recipe which gives our pickles their delicious character, heart and soul.

farmers markets

We love connecting with our friends and customers at the farmers markets! We currently attend 6 markets in Northeast Florida. We're so fortunate to be able to get to know so many of our repeat customers and share stories about healthy food for a healthy life!


The secret to astoundingly delicious hummus is pretty simple: just use real food. We sprout our chickpeas, use the nutrient-rich boiling juices, fresh squeeze our lemons and hand press our garlic. Taste our real-food hummus and you'll understand why our raving-fan base is loyally and happily addicted.

real food

We eat it. We make it. We believe in it. Scratch recipes and small batches. All natural, premium quality ingredients. Only natural preservatives like lemon juice and sea salt. It's not a food movement, our grandparents just called it 'eating.' Choose real food.

Olives, Pickles & Hummus

Olive My Pickle is based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. We sell our olives, pickles and hummus at local farmers markets and click here to go to our online store.

Olive My Pickle Farmers Market Schedule